Emma and the Fragments

We are Emma and the Fragments

Emma and the Fragments are a dynamic indie rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of East London. Fronted by charismatic Emma alongside her husband Jon on drums, their deep connection and shared musical vision have been the driving force behind the band's success.

Donn, the lead guitarist, brings incredible musicianship and unique guitar playing style and rounding out the line up is the equally talented Jonny on bass.

Together, they create a sound that's both powerful and nuanced, blending elements of indie rock, punk, and pop to create something truly special - this was recognised in 2021 when the band won the WigWam Radio Best Indie Rock Act Award against fierce competition.

Emma and the Fragments are signed to Regent Street Records, a London-based label with a reputation for discovering and promoting talented up-and-coming artists.

With a new EP 'Beneath The Polite Surface' set to release in 2023 themes of love, loss, and self-discovery are woven throughout, ensuring their music speaks to the human experience in a way that's both relatable and inspiring and sure to delight fans both new and old.


Upcoming and previous shows

Date Location Tickets
Sun 8th Sept 2024Signature Brew
Haggerston, London
Sat 1st June 2024Temple of Art and Music
Elephant and Castle, London
Fri 17th May 2024Engine Rooms Studios
Bow, London
Sat 6th Apr 2024Aces and Eights
Camden, London
Sat 16th Mar 2024Bread and Roses
Clapham, London
Wed 31st Jan 2024Engine Rooms Studios
Bow, London
Sun 3rd Dec 2023The Gunners
Highbury, London
Sun 19th Nov 2023Folklore
Hackney, London
7th Sept 2023The Engine Rooms
Bow, London
Sat 8th July 2023Tower Music Festival 2023
St Mary's Tower
Hornsey N8 7NT
Sat 3rd June 2023Coventry Motofest
Sat 6th May 20239th Birthday Shindig
Engine Rooms Studios
Bow, London
Sun 23rd April 2023Toons Pour La Lune Festival
Engine Rooms Studios
Bow, London
Fri 8th Jul 2022Fiddler's Elbow

Camden, London
Thu 8th Sep 2022Fiddler's Elbow

Camden, London
Details Coming Soon
Fri 3rd Jun 20228th Birthday Bash
Engine Rooms Studios
Bow, London
Sun 19th Jun 2022INDIE GIRL
93 Feet East
Thu 5th Jun 2022Fiddler's Elbow
Camden, London
Sat 29th Jan 2022Indie Disco
Engine Rooms Studios
Bow, London
Thurs 3rd Feb 2022Fiddler's Elbow
Camden, London
Wed 9th Dec 2021Fiddlers Elbow
London, UK
Sat 2nd Oct 2021Fragfest
Engine Rooms Studios
London, UK
Gigs are always being booked! Keep checking our socials for updates

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